Beyond Impossible

"Our Manufacturing"

In the change of the times, there is also something to going off,
and there is something invented newly.
In any times, people never give up "something to create,"
and which keep influencing to better life.

We "Sanwa Corp." aims for "beyond impossible" by our high-quality technique.
And we produce the products fitted in the times making use
of our original know-how through manufacturing.


Customer First, Partnership, Family

Create completely new things by a free and rich idea, that make people's life wealthily.

Our business

EMS Solution

Premium solutions and precision
for various mechanical parts

business field
Development and provide mechanical parts;
communication equipment,
transportation equipment, medical equipment
Resin molded parts, metal parts,
die-cut parts, glass products


image of EMS Solution

Health care
and bio Solution

Developing products
for social welfare and environment

business field
R&D tech and product for nursing care, and biology
JISEDAI diaper, Urine Scope


image of Health care and bio Solution


We deliver products humam life wealthily

business field
e-commerce of R&D product
Sherrive, Premieux eStoire, UNLOCK


image of e-Commerce Solution


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