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Find wonderful products
from all over the world
to enrich people’s lives through TRADING.


With the changes in our social structures and systems through the agrarian revolution to the industrial revolution and the information revolution, many of us are now able to live affluent lives. During such changing times, some disappeared or are disappearing, and others emerged or are emerging. 


However, trading never disappears, even if its form or methods have changed, and lasts forever while influencing people’s lives in every aspect.



We keep the following points in mind regarding trading:
1. Above all else, think of the customers
2. Respect partner companies and leverage each other’s strengths
3. Consider employees as family, respect their opinions, and create a comfortable work environment


To harmonize these three points, we named the company Sanwa (harmony of 3(San)), where the above three points are adopted as action guidelines for the employees. We would like to endeavor to enrich people’s lives through ideal trading.




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